R.A. Snyder Properties Receivership

R.A. Snyder Properties Inc. has successfully maneuvered through, and prospered during, the last four recessions. This is in part because the Company has shown the value of giving lenders the opportunity to have their non-performing assets managed by a competent and forward thinking property management company. R.A. Snyder Properties has extensive experience preparing and producing comprehensive reports, repairing properties and managing tenants. By reducing neglect and damage to the property, its value increases, making it more desirable for resale.

We provide the lender the advantage of saving time, resources and money. R.A. Snyder Properties becomes the property management company while the property is owned by the bank, which offers the lender a resource that can secure their assets during and after the foreclosed period.

Company president Richard Snyder has 30 years of real estate industry experience; he is known for his leadership in local, regional and national real estate organizations. In addition to his property management experience, for the last 20 years he has been an expert witness in real estate litigation, giving him a vast knowledge of the laws and decisions affecting real property . Coupled with this expertise, R.A. Snyder Properties brings to the table a highly qualified and experienced team whose members utilize cutting edge technology and familiarity with diverse property portfolios. Additionally, our well-known personalized service is embraced by all facets within the Company. These diverse skills can effectively reduce the turn around and repositioning time frames for a property.

Since we play a value-added role in receiverships we are often asked to continue as the property manager with the new owners. These owners see us as an effective and valuable resource, especially since R.A. Snyder Properties has such intimate knowledge of the tenants, staff and condition of the property.